Frequently Asked Questions

What is CostPlusCars?

CostPlusCars offers a new way to buy and sell retail and wholesale cars and trucks thru our fun and easy to use car bidding Platform.

What is CostPlusCars Car Auction all about?

You can bid and purchase any listed car or truck from the CostPlusCars vehicle auction section of our Platform.

Does CostPlusCar offer Mobile Car Apps?

Yes. You can buy and sell vehicles using our Mobile Car Apps. You can download the CostPlusCars iPhone Car App from the App Store or the Android Car App from Play Store.

How can I purchase a car or truck from the Wholesale Vehicle marketplace?

You can select the vehicle of your choice from the Wholesale Vehicle Marketplace of our Platform and deposit the minimum required deposit.

What are the minimum deposit requirements?

A minimum deposit of $1,000 is required to bid. For the wholesale marketplace vehicles a minimum deposit of $2,000 or 5% (whichever is higher) of the suggested car buying price is required.

Can I finance my vehicle purchase thru CostPlusCars?

Yes. For qualified Customers CostPlusCars can offer vehicle purchase financing.

Can I sell my car on CostPlusCars?

Yes. Please visit the sell my car page for details.

How much does it cost to sell my vehicle on CostPlusCars?

$35 listing fee per vehicle which covers the AutoCheck or Carfax costs. Buyer pays 5% service charge on the initial listing price.

Can I get a refund on the listing fee?

No. For one listing fee, you can list your vehicle over and again till it sells.

Can I get a refund of my deposit if my bid is the highest winning bid?

No. You will lose the deposit if you do not complete the purchase within 7 business days.

Can I return the car after I make a purchase?

No. All sales are final

Can I test drive the car before making a deposit?

Yes. Please call 214.710.7905 to make an appointment to test drive the vehicle listed in the Auction section of our Platform.

Can I test drive vehicles listed in the Wholesale Vehicle Marketplace?


Is CostPlusCars a licensed dealer?

Yes. CostPlusCars is a licensed State of Texas motor vehicle dealer. Our GDN# is P162466.

Does CostPlusCars process my title and license paperwork?

Yes. For Texas residents only.

Can I purchase a vehicle even if I do not live in the State of Texas?


How do I obtain a title and license plate if I live outside of Texas?

Upon purchasing the vehicle, we will FedEx you the bill of sale and vehicle title. You may take these documents to your local DMV and obtain the license plates.

Will CostPlusCars deliver the vehicle to any location in the US?

Yes, CostPlusCars can deliver across the lower 48 states. A delivery fee will be changed.

How can I be sure the vehicle I purchase from CostPlusCars is drivable?

We are required by the State of Texas DMV that every vehicle we sell, be it from the retail car auction or the wholesale car auction, shall pass the Vehicle Inspection test.

Does the vehicle I purchase from CostPlusCars come with any warranty?

No. We sell all vehicles “AS IS”; however vehicles less than 36 months with less than 36,000 odometer rating may have the original manufacturer warranty.

Can I buy an extended warranty from CostPlusCars?

No. We do not recommend purchasing extended vehicle warranty.

How much money can I save buying a car from CostPlusCars?

We do not sell cheap cars but consistently strive to offer high quality cars cheaply.

Can I buy brand new car or truck from CostPlusCars?

Currently we do not sell brand new cars or brand new trucks; we sell high quality gently used cars.

I am a private buyer. Can I buy a car on CostPlusCars?

Yes, private buyers can buy a car or truck on CostPlusCars.

I am a private seller. Can I sell my car on CostPlusCars?

Yes, private sellers can sell their car or truck on CostPlusCars.

What are the minimum age requirements for a car buyer or car seller?

The CostPlusCars website and mobile apps have no minimum age requirement.

What are the benefits of selling my car or truck on CostPlusCars?

We offer car financing services to potential buyers of your car, we present your car to qualified buyers, we protect you from increasing vehicle scams etc.