Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions ((“the Terms and Conditions”) carefully as they relate to our Services provided to you. International Business Associates, LLC d/b/a CostPlusCars retains the right to change the terms of our Services at our convenience. You agree on behalf of yourself and/or your organization to abide by these Terms and Conditions. These Terms include the provisions in this document and those provided in the Privacy Policy.

Our Role and Responsibilities:

  1. CostPlusCars offers vehicles for sale via our bidding Platform that are owned by us, consigned to us or available for purchase through us from the Wholesale marketplace.
  2. Vehicle sold thru the CostPlusCars Platform is guaranteed to pass the State of Texas vehicle inspection.
  3. For vehicles sold to Texas residents, CostPlusCars collects tax, title and license fees and provides allied services.
  4. For qualified Customers CostPlusCars can offer vehicle financing.
  5. As per the State of Texas regulation, CostPlusCars collects and retains driver license data and social security number of all Customers.
  6. CostPlusCars shall credit the AutoCheck fees towards the purchase of your next vehicle from us for a period of 12 months from the date of AutoCheck purchase.

Your Role and Responsibilities:

  1. You agree to complete the winning bid transaction as per the listing details within 7 business days.
  2. You agree you are of the legal age and have the monetary resources available to you to complete the winning bid transaction.
  3. You agree to forfeit the deposit amount should you not be able to complete the winning transaction and pick-up the vehicle within 7 business days of the winning bid date.
  4. You agree to receive any qualified refund amount till 21 business days from the date of refund request.
  5. You agree to receive any qualified refund amount in the form of CostPlusCars Company check sent via US postal service to the address on file.
  6. You agree knowingly not to list non-running vehicles for sale on the CostPlusCars Platform.
  7. You acknowledge and agree to the use of Electronic Signatures.
  8. You acknowledge and agree to the use of Electronic Communication with you via email, phone, SMS services etc.
  9. You agree that CostPlusCars reserves the right to void, adjust or cancel any transaction in its sole discretion.
  10. You agree not to abandon the vehicle when your purchase or list for sale at the CostPlusCars location.
  11. If you are a State of Texas resident, you agree to pay the tax, title, license and related transportation fees in addition to the winning bid price.
  12. You agree, subject to applicable regulations and laws, to authorize us to obtain, receive, collect, store, share, sell, disseminate, and disclose financial, credit, transactional, and other information about you and your Vehicle(s).
  13. When listing your vehicle for sale on the CostPlusCars Platform you agree to accurately and truthfully provide the ownership, odometer, vehicle identification number, registration and condition of the vehicle. Furthermore during your selected duration to list your vehicle, you agree to exclusively list your vehicle on CostPlusCars Platform and execute an exclusive right to sell agreement.
  14. When listing your vehicle for sale on the CostPlusCars Platform, you agree to pay $35 vehicle listing fee and 5% selling fee on the agreed upon listing price.
  15. You agree to be bound by the actions of, and transactions entered by you, any person purporting to act on your behalf or at your behest, or with your permission, including, but not limited to you and your actual and appointed representatives
  16. You agree to deliver your listed vehicle on CostPlusCars Platform to our Wylie Texas within 3 business days upon receiving a winning bid notification.
  17. You agree CostPlusCars retaining your financial and identifying information as required by the State of Texas DMV regulations.
  18. You agree not to hack, reverse engineer or duplicate the CostPlusCars Platform features and capabilities.
  19. You agree not to infringe upon the intellectual property rights such as trademarks, copyrights, patents etc. of CostPlusCars or any of our Customers.
  20. You agree to keep your username and password secure and not share them on any public or social media Platforms. Furthermore you agree that under any and all circumstances in which your login credentials are used or misused by you or anyone else, you are responsible for any vehicle purchased or sold using your credentials.
  21. You agree not to run brute force denial of service, distributed denial of service, password attack, password hacks or break the security mechanisms utilized by the CostPlusCars Platform.
  22. You agree not to create duplicate accounts, spam on our Services using misspelling our name or by impersonate our Platform and Apps or by any other means.
  23. You agree not to run manual or automated scripts on our Platform and Apps or copy and store our data.

CostPlusCars State of Texas GDN#: P162466

CostPlusCar Sales Finance License#: 166269

Email: support@CostPlusCars

Phone: (214) 710.7905

Address: 2274 E. Brown St. Wylie TX 75048.